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Dr. Kirby

Dr. Kirby is a graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic and completed additional training in the field of pediatrics and special techniques for adjusting women during pregnancy. While at Sherman College, Dr. Kirby was named to the Academy of Chiropractic Excellence (ACE) program which was an elite group of interns that were able to assist students in chiropractic technique.  He and his wife, JoLeigh, currently reside in the Wilmington area with their two dogs Maggie and Andi. 

In his spare time, Dr. Kirby enjoys relaxing at the beach and working towards his pilots license.

Dr. Kirby and the rest of the team at Kirby Chiropractic believe that chiropractic care should be convenient, accessible, and affordable for everyone.

The two types of adjusting that Dr. Kirby uses are manual adjusting and instrument adjusting. Manual adjusting is performed using a variety of techniques including; Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson Technique, & Webster Technique. A low force instrument technique is also used in the office. Dr. Kirby will use the Activator technique at the patients request. Although instrument adjusting is not as deep as a manual adjustment, it is delivered at a much greater speed and thus provides many of the same benefits as the manual adjustment.

If you have any questions about chiropractic and are wondering if it may be right for you, please call the office to set up your free consultation with Dr. Kirby.


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