Chiropractic Payment Options

At Kirby Chiropractic & Wellness we do not file insurance. Instead, we offer affordable pay-per-visit, package and membership options.

  • Membership plans start at $99 per month and include unlimited adjustments and 10 minutes of mechanical traction with each visit.

  • Packages are available in bundles of 4, 6, 12 or 24 visits.

Why membership?

With most insurance, chiropractic co-pays range from $40-$95 per visit making it difficult to afford regular care even with insurance. By offering a membership plan, we are able to offer visits at a much lower cost to the patient without dealing with insurance. We also believe your chiropractic care should be dictated by your doctor, not by how much the insurance will cover. Our bottom line is to make regular chiropractic care affordable for individuals and families without restrictions or hassle.

How can we offer such low prices?

Because we do not work with insurance companies, we are not bound by their guidelines and our staff are not forced to spend valuable time communicating with them. Instead, we spend that time making the care for patients more efficient and affordable. Our options are also simple, which means the administrative staff save time with paperwork and patient management. We would never sacrifice quality for cost. Each patient at Kirby Chiropractic & Wellness will be listened to and placed on an appropriate care plan.

Membership has its benefits!

Members at Kirby Chiropractic & Wellness also receive a discount on massage therapy and dry needling services.

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