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"Dr. Kirby is very thorough and professional. His care has been exceptional! Thank you!"

Terri C.

"I have always been apprehensive about chiropractic care, but when my dentist recommended Dr. Kirby because of my excruciating TMJ pain, I called that day. They were able to fit me in on the same day! Dr. Kirby listens and is very gentle with people who are nervous. My pain went from a 7/8 to a two by the end of the day! When I left my appointment, I could open my mouth wider than I had been able to in weeks. I went from taking ibuprofen around the clock to only on occasion that I sleep wrong. And this change happened in a matter of a week! I can't believe that I suffered for so long! Anyone who is struggling with TMJ disorder should see Dr. Kirby. There is no need to be afraid of popping or cracking. He is so gentle. The care I have received at Kirby Chiropractic has truly been life changing! Thank you so much!"


" I have walked on my toes for my whole life. Over time, I have done some damage to my calves. In my mid to late 30's I had pretty much come to the realization that I will no longer be able to run more than a mile or 2 at a time without one or both of my calves just locking up. Followed by 2-3 days of limping. Dry needling changed all that. I have been a pacer for the Tahoe 240 where I did 65 miles in 41 hours. Now, I come to Kirby Chiropractic for all my aches and pains. I have had work on my shoulders, my back, my calves and most recently my arms. I highly recommend Dr. Kirby. He has done work for me and my wife and always does a great job. "

Jon-Breck S.

" Dr Kirby was great. He explained the various techniques he was using and also showed me some exercises that I could do to help my ailing back. He and his wife who runs the front desk were both very friendly. They are just getting started in this new location on Market Street, and it is very nice. "

Rick D.

" Dr. Kirby is the best! I have been seeing him for about 2 years. Whenever I need my low back or neck pain relieved, he does the job. He’s a great listener and is detail-oriented. Great place! "

Ken K.

" I woke up with excruciating neck pain and Kirby Chiropractic was able to get me in first thing. Dr. Kirby has great bedside manner and is very thorough. He pinpointed my problem immediately and was able to alleviate much of my pain. Both he and his wife - who manages the office- were wonderful! Would high recommend!​​​​​​​ "

Margaret K.

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